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Essence Beverages

Our Essence Beverages combine the best ingredients available to create products rich in antioxidants and plant-based nutrition. They are packaged in unique Cheer Packs, made of layered plastic and aluminum that is airtight and anti-microbial, eliminating the need for preservatives and ensuring safety and stability. Cheer Packs are easily stored, block sunlight, and are environmentally friendly. Our resealable Cheer Packs also allow you to control portions without being wasteful, adding more convenience to your life!


Essence of Knowledge™

Formulated with nourishing Asian ginseng and sweetened with royal jelly and honey, Essence of Knowledge helps keep you going to accomplish your daily goals. Packed with antioxidants and without artificial stimulants found in other beverages, Essence of Knowledge gives you healthy fuel for your day.


Essence of Play™

Essence of Play combines bee pollen, ginseng and mulberry leaves, and jasmine flowers to create a wonderfully refreshing beverage to nourish you and your child. Bee pollen provides protein, while ginseng and mulberry leaves give amino acids and antioxidants to nourish the immune systems of your whole family.


Essence of Simplicity™

Sterculia seed, honeysuckle, winter melon, pearl, and ginger leaf contribute to the pleasant taste of Essence of Simplicity. These ingredients also nourish the immune system by encouraging gentle digestive stimulation. Safe for both adults and children, Essence of Simplicity helps to keep the whole family happy.


Essence of Time™

Nutrient-packed prickly pear cactus combines with other wholesome ingredients to create Essence of Time, a pleasant drink that helps support healthy, glowing skin. Antioxidants help renew collagen for warm, glowing skin while also nourishing the immune system.