Generations E

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(effective January 1, 2018)

E. EXCEL Compensation Plan


Each qualified Master in your group creates a new generation. For example, Master A who is 4 actual levels down from you may be your first-generation qualified Master if no other Master falls between you and Master A. If a new Master B breaks between you and Master A , new Master B becomes your first-generation Master and Master A who is now below him becomes your second-generation Master.

To create a generation a Master must be Qualified, or paid-as a Master of any rank. If a previous Master fails to requalify in a month, that Master no longer counts as a generation. Generations are reorganized each month depending on these factors. Your generations can change from month to month.

Organizing a group in which the majority of your Downlines fall within 4-6 generations of you is the most lucrative way to organize your business because they may fall into your pay zone in the Compensation Plan as you achieve the rank of Pearl, Jade and Diamond.