Growing Up E. EXCEL

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Thanks to all our second-generation E. Excellers who participated in our Growing Up E. EXCEL contest. We loved seeing the artwork and reading the essays you shared with us about your experiences growing up as part of the E. EXCEL family!


Congratulations to the winners—see below for their names and submissions!


Winners Ages 13-18

First Prize

Melody Yu, Age 16

Second Prize

Susan Lu, Age 15

Third Prize

Cindy Ye, Age 16

Winners Ages 12 and Under

First Prize

Sophia J. He, Age 9

Second Prize

Joy Zheng, Age 8

Third Prize

Wenny Zheng, Age 11

Ages 13 - 18

Andy Huang, Age 14

Derrick Jiang, Age 12

Iris Yang, Age 17

Kelly Chen, Age 14

Nathan Chu, Age 14

Nini Chen, Age 13

Sabrina An-Torres, Age 14

Vincent Chen, Age 13

Angel Wu, Age 17

Author Ying, Age 17

Eric Jiang, Age 14

Ivy Ye, Age 16

Lily Wu, Age 13

Nina Zhang, Age 14

Queena Chen, Age 13

Xin Ya Chen, Age 15

Danny Lin, Age13

Brandon Tan, Age 15

Antony Zheng, Age 13

Jenny Li, Age 18

Vanness Chia, Age 14

Rachel Wong, Age 18

Tiffany Chen, Age 13

Yujian An, Age 16

Anita Wang, Age 16

Cisco An-Torres, Age 14

Cisco An-Torres, Age 14

Huixin Zheng, Age-15

Joyce Ke, Age 14

Meng Qi Yang, Age 14

Winnie Li, Age 17

Richard Wang, Age 14

Vincent Lin, Age 13

Yongjie Lin, Age 13

Ages 12 and Under

Aaron Chen, Age 5

Amanda Zheng, Age 6

Angela Huang, Age 9

Ashley Chen, Age 8

Ashley Weng, Age 10

Bree Belnap, Age 6

Catherine Huang, Age 6

Daniel Lin, Age 6

Don, Age 6

Elenor Li , Age 7.jpg

Ethan Lin, Age 9

Henry Li , Age 10.jpg

Huan Xin Chen, Age 7

Ivan Lin, Age 13

Janet Lin, Age 11

John Chen, Age 4

Judy Zheng, Age 6

Judy Zheng, Age 6

Kayden Yu, Age 6

Kingsley Jiang, Age 6

Matthias Yan, Age 4

Olivia Ou–Yang, Age 7

Phoebe Cheng, Age 4

Ryan Cao, Age 5

Shi Qi Huang, Age 10

Sophia Lin, Age 10

Tiger Chen, Age 6

Vanessa Lin, Age 7

Vivian Jiang, Age 7

Alex Chen, Age 12

Amelia Yap, Age 6

Anna Zheng, Age 10

Ashley Wang, Age 9

Austin Lin, Age 8

Brian Chen, Age 12

Chenxi Zhang, Age 6

Daniel Wang, Age 10

Donghui Lin, Age 12

Endy Li, Age 8

Fiona Huang, Age 5

Holly Lang, Age 10

Irene Dong, Age 5

Ivan Qiu, Age 8

Jenny Lin, Age- 9

Johnny Ding, Age 7

Justin Yang, Age 5

Kelly Chen, Age 11

Lillian Chong, Age 5

Michelle Chen, Age 8

Ona Pan, Age 5

Qin Jiang, Age 11

Ryan Oan, Age 10

Shilexi Zhang, Age 11

Sophia Lin, Age 10

Susan Cai, Age 11

Tony Zhang, Age 10

Vegan, Age 9

Vivian Ou-Yang, Age 9

Wilford Chen, Age 11

Alina Zhang, Age 3

Amy Hua , Age 12

Annie Zheng, Age 8

Benjamin Chen, Age 9

Benson H. Chen, Age 9

Catherine Chen, Age 5

Cindy Zheng, Age 7

Daniel Zhu & Oyloh Zhu, Age 5

Elaine Huang, Age 4

Erica Cai, Age 10

George He, Age 12

Isaac Qiu, Age 9

Ivy Zheng, Age 12

Jessica Wang, Age 11

Jonice Lin, Age 5

Judy Ye, Age 10

Kevin Yang, Age 5

Lily Chen, Age 6

Samuel Feng, Age 6

Owen Chen, Age 9.

Riva Chen, Age 10

Sophia He, Age 9

Sophia Yang, Age 7

Steven Xin Yuan Ni, Age 2

Tony Zheng, Age 12

Victor Lin, Age 6

Yang Feng Chen, Age 9

Sandra Yong, Age 4

Sandra Yong, Age 4

Alvin Yuan, Age 9

Amy Yang, Age 7

Anthony Chen, Age 10

Benson Wang, Age 5

Catherine Cheng, Age 10

Daisy Chen, Age 5

Elena Vidrih, Age 6

Evan Lin, Age 5

Harrison Lin, Age 10

Isabella Pan, Age 6

Jack Lin, Age 11

Joey Chen, Age 11

Karina Lin, Age 10

Kimi Belnap, Age 6

Lin Huang, Age 6

Miley Lai, Age 9

Phillip Wang, Age 9

Shawn Huang, Age 10

Sherry Lin, Age 12

Staven Zhang, Age 8

Terrance Yap, Age 8

Tracy Lai, Age 12

Vincent Weng, Age 5

Wenbor Zheng, Age 7

Xin Jie Yang, Age 9

Wen Lin, Age 9

William Li, Age 7


Essays 13-18

Joanna Shao, Age 16

My name is Joanna and I was born in January, 2001. The reason why my dad named me Joanna, which means “God’s gift”, is because of E.EXCEL. My mom, who was 44 years old, took products such as Pearl and Daily Nutrition Park before her pregnancy, and when I was born, people all called me “E.EXCEL baby”.

My dad is a member of E.EXCEL since 1997, and he got to know the great science about Nutritional Immunology during 10th anniversary of E.EXCEL. And, when Dr. Chen goes to Montreal for the first time to do a speech about Nutritional Immunology, my dad went to the airport and pick her up.

I’m 16 now and I almost never went to a hospital because of illness. Whenever I have symptom of fever or cold, my dad asks me to take NOCO, ACT and Millennium, and I become better soon. In about two days, I will be back to a healthy kid. So, I can proudly tell everyone that I’m in Grade 11 this September and I almost never ask for leave from school because of illness, and I’m one of the students that have the highest attendance.

I almost take Nutrifresh everyday but Millennium is always my favorite. It tastes really good and I think it’s the best healthy drink I’ve ever had. I strongly appreciate Dr. Chen for bringing me and my family this healthy life style and also happiness.

Vicky Yang, Age 14

When I was younger, my mom made me eat E.Excel products such as Act and Vision, so I used to dislike the company for that. However, it wasn’t long before I realized they increased my health for the better. Whereas my eyesight deteriorated each year, it remained at a constant level after I began eating Vision. My allergies became less serious, and I slept better each night.

There are also the various fun trips to places my family wouldn’t have gone otherwise that are organized by the company. The trip to the Kalahari Resort and the family day event at Queens Botanical Garden are among some of my favorites. They allowed my parents to spend more time with me. For example, my dad is usually either sleeping at home or working. On the trips, he has more than a few moments to be a father. Thank you, E.Excel!

Vicky Hu, Age 15

My name is Vicky Hu and I am 15 years old. My mom is Dong Hai Ou and she has an E. Excel account. Her account ID is 8222501 She's been buying things from E. Excel for a few years now for my and my sisters.I definitely saw a change in me and my body after I started taking Concenergy, which gave me for energy through the day and while I'm working out. I take D.I., O-Seed, W.L, Pearl, Circle, G-art, Art, Vegaplex, Act, Dong Qaiu, S.T, and many others before I eat because it makes me feel more healthy and digest better. When I wake up, I take 1-2 of the pills every morning before I eat anything. I have many bottles at home and I always buy more wen I run out. I have recommended it to many of my friends. The Nutricardia powdered drink mix is something I bring out with my everyday to pour into my bottle. I feel like I am more healthy and stronger after using products from E. Excel. I am happy to be apart of this E. Excel family. My health is very important to me and E. Excel has made it easier for me to maintain health. In the future, I see myself still getting more and more products from E. Excel for my family and I.

Kevin Zheng, Age 13

Growing Up E. Excel

E. Excel has grown to be an important part of my daily life. The products have helped me improve my health and wellbeing.

My friend’s mom, also a user of these products, recommended this product to my mom, and she became involved in the company too. She brought home products for us to try and has since bought a lot of other products. We started out with the pills, mainly ACT and NOCO, and later, we augmented this with other varieties of products. We have used these products now for 2.5 years.

These products utilize agricultural ingredients and the vitamins in them to improve one’s health and provide support for the body. In my own experiences, the pills helped to reduce the severity of my seasonal allergies. I also use other products to help growth and provide the daily nutrients I need.

E. Excel is a major part of my life and will probably continue to do so.

Justin Tsai, Age 14

                                             Growing Up E. Excel – My Story

Remembered the time when my grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer, we were all filled with sorrow and felt hopeless! The doctor said she would only have 6-7 months left to live. After many treatments and surgeries were done, my mom gave my grandmother Millennium and Poly5 everyday to boost her immune system. This powerful combination of E. Excel products resulted in my grandmother ended up living 5 more years. This was an amazing miracle! All of the extra time we spent with her was precious and something I will never forget! We could even travel to Korea for the first time together! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Chen, the founder of E. Excel, who provides us hope and a healthier lifestyle for everyone!

Vincent Chen, Age 13

It's Vincent. I drew a picture of the E.EXCEL 30th anniversary logo. I just want to say thanks to E.EXCEL and you guys for everything that you did. Before my mom learned about E.EXCEL, I was always sick and my body was very unhealthy.

Susan Lu, Age 15

I love E.excel. Ever since my parents decided to join E. Excel five years ago, I haven't been ill. Five years ago, I would constantly develop a runny nose or a cough. Now, with the help of E. Excel's amazing products (such as millennium, NOCO, and ACT) I can go through allergy and cold seasons with a clear nose. Not only can I breathe efficiently now, I also have more energy throughout the school days. I've felt so energized that I went ahead and joined the track and field team at my school. For these reasons, E. Excel has changed my life for the better. So far, It has positively affected my life by bringing happiness and healthiness to my whole family; I believe it will continue to do so in the future. Thank you E. Excel.

Nini Chen, Age 13

My name is Nini Chen I'm 13 years old. E.Excel isn't any ordinary product. To me it's someone very helpful to anyone. With my mom together we've ate this product for about a year and a half. I eat and use a lot of the products. Ex: Nutrifresh ( All flavors ), Millenium, Orchestra, Evernew, Refesh, handygel, giu hau gao, and vege color. Every day I mix and drink the nutrifresh and the evernew. I drink millenium in the morning and orchestra at night. I love how the orchestra pack comes with a variety of flavors. The millenium also taste extremely attractive. The handy gel and the Giu hau gao I use in for inchyness and headaches. All of your products are extremely good. Expensive but, yet healthy. So it's pretty worth it. Now my mom doesn't have to cook a bunch of vegetables when I eat. I just pour some of the vege color and done. I use especially when I eat pizza, chicken, steak, hamburgers, etc. I want to thank the company. E.Excel has many events and vacation. Making it  inspiraring and fun. All in all I'm very excited to see what E.Excel will come out with.



Essays 12 and Under

Xin Jie Yang, Age 9

I draw this because I like millennium.

I draw a house people to live. I turned 

Starbucks into Fruitbucks to make people healthy because coffee is unhealthy. I made a hotel to make 

People live. I made a sun out of E.excel. I made a heaven with empty millennium. The ones who are empty are living peacefully in the heaven.          

 Sophia Lin, Age 10

Hi! My name is Sophia. I am a 10 year old girl. My mom is Xiumei Ren and she loves E. Excel as much as I do. The first E. Excel product that I drank was Millennium. I want to thank Dr. Chen for creating this. It is very delicious, but at the same time, it is very healthy for you.

Eric Cen, Age 8

Growing Up E. Excel

E. Excel is very helpful in my life. I use E. Excel products to help my lifestyle. For example, I drink Strawberry Powder to help me grow strong. It will help me grow up. Also, I like Millennium. It is a yellow juice that is made out of cactus juice. My mom gives it to me every time I have a fever. It also tastes very good too. I really like Millennium.

Sometimes, when I am sick, I will have some of the products in E. Excel and it will help me feel better and get better quickly. I also eat the products to help me be healthy in normal, everyday life. I eat some pills to help improve my body. I eat NOCO and ACT and sometimes Vegaplex.

E. Excel is a really big part of my life right now. I like the products a lot and I want more Millennium!

Jadon Tsai, Age 11

Hello E.EXCEL:

What you’re about to read is a true story.

On June 2, 2017, around 3 am, I suddenly threw up! So I got up to tell my dad. He checked that I was ok and went back to bed. Then I threw up again around 6 am. So I went to wake up my mom. She helped clean up and asked how I felt. I remember that day was my PA day so I would miss all the fun activities!! Unfortunately mom had to leave for work. So she gave me a yellow carton of Millennium juice and told me to drink some when I woke up and called her if I threw up again. I did throw up two more times. Then I drank the entire carton of Millennium! About 1 hour later, I started to feel better. Wow! Millennium was so powerful and tasty! 

Samuel Li, Age 12

How E.EXCEL Helped me in Life

When I was 4 years old, I used to not eat any food my mom gave me. I got sick almost every week in kindergarten. I’d always fall, because my legs were too weak, and my hands were too weak to protect my falls. Then one day, my mom started giving me this thing called Nutrifresh. Currently I am 12 years old, it has helped me a lot, and I eat everything. I am now stronger and capable to do activities that used to be very difficult for me. E.EXCEL products has helped me concentrate in school. The end of this semester I received an honour roll award, which made my mom very proud of me.

Kimi Belnap, Age 6

My name is Kimi Belnap. I am six years old. My grandpa is Joel Brown. One day my mom asked me to tell here what I love about growing up E. EXCEL? "Grandpa!"