Nutritional Immunology

nutritional immunology

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We each have the potential to live a long, healthy life and reach 120 years old because we have the world's best doctor in our body—our immune system.

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The immune system is not one specific organ in the body. It is a complicated network of different organs, cells, and chemical secretions that all work in synergy to protect your body against foreign invaders and diseases. When the immune system is weak, the human body is susceptible to many illnesses, such as infectious diseases as well as cancer. If the immune system makes a wrong judgment or is confused, the body may develop allergies, such as skin allergies, or autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Many diseases are linked to a malfunctioning immune system.

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There is currently still no medication or substance that can replace the immune system. The immune system relies on nutrition for nourishment, and must be properly nourished so that it can function optimally. Each vegetable and fruit has its own unique qualities, and each contains different phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. In order to take full advantage of the benefits they offer, you should eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Scientists have found that eating a wide assortment of wholesome plant foods, of all colors and types, provides the immune system with the best nourishment it needs. Fortunately, these foods are easily attainable and affordable at the supermarket—a treasure trove of nutrients from nature.

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Nutritional Immunology is a science that explores the link between nutrition and the immune system. It researches nutrients, such as phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides, in plant foods and how they benefit the immune system.

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Nutritional Immunology promotes a healthy lifestyle through education. It empowers people to improve their lifestyle by making wiser food choices, staying positive and happy, exercising daily, and getting sufficient sleep. Take charge of your health. Start a healthy lifestyle now to lower the risk of disease in the long run. Living a healthy life to 120 years old is a reality.