Strong Legs E

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(effective January 1, 2018)

E. EXCEL Compensation Plan

Strong Legs

A Strong Leg is a Master in your group who consistently qualifies as a Master, generates volume beyond the minimum requirements, and is actively growing a business. Strong Legs are required for the Performance Bonuses and the Jade and Diamond Master rank qualifications.

For Performance Bonuses, your Strong Legs must all be in your first generation. 

For rank qualification, your Strong Legs may be up to six generations deep in your organization.

For Jade and Diamond Master qualifications, the required Strong Legs must be in separate Downlines. For instance, as a Jade Master, all three of your Qualified Pearl Masters cannot be in the same Downline leg even though you are allowed to go 6 generations deep for Strong Legs. If all your Strong Legs are in one Downline, that actually means you only have one Strong leg.