An Entrepreneur’s View of E. EXCEL

– Jade Master Ivy Wong - 中文

Although the health benefits of E. EXCEL attract many people, those entrepreneurs already involved in business recognize our unique business opportunity! Running a traditional businesses alongside an E. EXCEL business may not be easy, but many E. EXCEL Distributors discover ways to manage. Jade Master, Ivy Wong is a great example of an E. Exceller who used the skills she learned in running her own company and applied them to her equally successful E. EXCEL business.

When Ivy first moved to Vancouver, she knew sewing machines, but had little knowledge about running a business. That didn’t stop her from learning everything she needed to know on her own. In 1992, twenty-one years ago, Ivy started her industrial sewing machine sales and service business and hasn’t looked back since. Now, it’s one of only three comparable businesses in the Greater Vancouver area.

However, Ivy’s journey to E. EXCEL didn’t have such pleasant roots. Seven years ago, she learned her best friend was struggling with major health concerns. As any friend would, she searched for a solution to try to help. Ivy found E. EXCEL and the science of Nutritional Immunology through another friend and began purchasing products for her friend, herself and her family. After they all saw health improvements, Ivy knew that E. EXCEL would be a part of their lives for a long time.

It wasn’t until 2009, two years later, that Ivy went to her first E. EXCEL conference. Because she had participated in another direct sales company years earlier, she knew the possibilities. She asked herself two questions before joining E. EXCEL:  Is the payout reasonable? Are the products high quality? She knew any investment would not work without meeting both of these requirements. Obviously, E. EXCEL passed her test and her business has taken off over the last five years.

Because Ivy is a brick and mortar business owner, she finds lots of benefits to being an E. Exceller. “My E. EXCEL business allows me to meet with customers when it’s convenient for both of us. With E. EXCEL I schedule my appointments instead of just sitting in a store waiting for a customer to walk in!” With no overhead expenses like rent, payroll and stock, an E. EXCEL business means that the return to the owner is much higher than a traditional business. She is most proud of the fact that E. EXCEL offers a solution to a problem everyone has. “My traditional business doesn’t meet an everyday need, but we all get sick and E. EXCEL products help maintain a healthy immune system and lifestyle.” These flexible hours and income mean Ivy can spend more time with family and friends enjoying life.

“There is a greater sense of personal satisfaction from E. EXCEL,” Ivy notes. “I enjoy meaningful friendships with other Distributors and enjoy seeing the products improve their health. The products, training and support provided by the company help me and my team learn about making better lifestyle choices, supporting our immune systems and, in general, leading better lives.”

In the future, Ivy looks forward to taking her team to regional training events so they can continue to learn and grow. “The more people who know about Nutritional Immunology, the better!” she explains, “If we tell more people about this science there will be less sick people in the world. We need to share this knowledge to help everyone live healthier lives.”

Although Ivy has attended many E. EXCEL conferences, she looks forward to many more. The prospect of seeing Dr. Chen and fellow Distributors in Vancouver once again excites her the most.

Ivy works hard to be as successful as she is, but she knows that she couldn’t have done it without support. She knows that without the help of her Uplines and Downlines, her husband and her family she wouldn’t have been able to achieve such success. “I really can’t thank Dr. Chen, my Uplines, Phyllis Yang and Marianne Tam, my husband and my family enough,” she says. “It’s been wonderful watching my business and my family and friends grow healthier because of E. EXCEL. I would also like to thank the supportive staff who help me meet not just my business goals, but my health goals, too.”

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