My Desire, My Determination, My Dream, My Why

– Jade Master, Li Li - 中文

I was a professional ophthalmologist in China before immigrating to Canada. After years of professional training and enjoying the respect and joy that comes from serving others as a doctor, it was difficult to start all over in my new home in another medical discipline. After attending school, graduating, and being hired as an infection control practitioner, I found myself working long hours in a hospital longing for the respect and fulfillment I enjoyed in China as a doctor serving others. I wanted more out of life, more flexibility, more friends, and more joy that comes from helping people realize better health and a richer life.  
Restoring Professional Respect
I noticed that others like me were feeling the same loss and difficulty adjusting as we worked long hours together. We formed strong, trusting friendships and began to share our convictions and concerns about health and the healing professions we shared.

I learned about E. EXCEL and with my medical background I could easily see that the science of Nutritional Immunology was built on solid evidence and a philosophy of wellness that I believe in strongly. When my family experienced the remarkable products, I had many friends and family members believing in E. EXCEL products and taking them regularly because they worked. Surrounded with so much evidence, I couldn’t help but talk about E. EXCEL with my friends.

It was easy to share E. EXCEL with others and I was able to find people who were interested in joining my team to help spread the word about this incredible company. I started enjoying some success working with my Downlines and saw my business start to grow. I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of what we have accomplished together so far. I can’t wait to see how far we can take this and grow our businesses together.

There was one particularly skeptical friend, however. Linda and I were both former ophthalmologists in China and we now worked at the same hospital together. I respected Linda professionally for her hard work and integrity, and I knew she would make a wonderful E. Exceller. But it took four long years to convince her to make E. EXCEL part of her life.

As we often had lunch together, Linda began to notice that I was looking and feeling healthier. When she complained of digestive problems, I would joke that she was trying to poison herself with her fried fast food. Finally after many attempts she decided to give E. EXCEL a try.

Building with E. EXCEL Events
I knew Linda’s commitment and hard work could help her become a powerful leader in E. EXCEL, so I invited her to work with me to earn my first incentive trip as a Grand Prize Winner on the SHINE Caribbean Cruise and come along as my guest. This was the opportunity I needed to teach her how to build the E. EXCEL business.

Together we enjoyed the cruise, but more importantly Linda got to know all the great E. Excellers, listened to their amazing stories, and overcame all her skepticism. There are so many trained medical professionals in this business who helped answer her questions and build her trust and confidence.

The next year she won First Prize in the Destination Taiwan contest on her own, and we went together and had yet another amazing experience. The following year, she and another friend did what we had done together to win the SHINE Cruise. They won Grand Prize in the Las Vegas incentive contest and Linda was able to bring along a new and promising E. EXCELLER on that fabulous trip.

Linda had a strong reason to succeed. All I needed to do was help her experience all the wonderful events and trainings in Toronto and then work with her to earn an incentive trip. Building her confidence with these events, her belief in herself and in the company exploded. She came back from these special events as a committed, independent leader and a strong team member.

My WHY Is Expanding
Now as a team we are looking for others who have strong professional and emotional reasons like we had to build a wellness business based on solid science. But we are also looking for people who need great social support, people who need a career with freedom and flexibility, people who love to travel and see the world, and people who need great recognition and encouragement. I enjoy offering the gift of better health, but it gives me tremendous joy to help people see that E. EXCEL is so much more than that. The richer, more rewarding life I am living is proof I made the right choice with E. EXCEL.

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