My Journey from Skepticism to Belief

– Pearl Master, Linda Shi - 中文

I love E. EXCEL and believe deeply in everything the company stands for. My journey started off a little slow however. In my professional career I was absolutely committed to science and evidence-based medicine.

It took many attempts over four years for me to even try E. EXCEL products. In the end it was the evidence I could actually see that made the difference. While I was having increasing digestive and other health problems, I could see that my friend Annie was looking younger, more beautiful and more confident all the time.

The Power of Meetings and Training
As a medical professional I was full of questions and skepticism when Annie first introduced me to E. EXCEL. She decided that having me learn more about Nutritional Immunology would help. I would also get to know the whole E. EXCEL family, and that would help build my belief and confidence. Without making any commitment, I began attending meetings in Toronto and was impressed by all the professionals who were growing their E. EXCEL businesses full-time and part-time. Their stories were powerful motivation for me.

I also attended E. EXCEL social events like the Chinese New Year Celebration. After getting to know the people who would be teaching and helping me, I decided to give the products a try. Even after taking the E. EXCEL products and feeling real improvement in my health, I was skeptical and worried about sharing the products.

I started with my family. Right away they got results and became committed, long-term users. This gave me a business I could no longer ignore or neglect. But I still had questions and concerns. I became more serious when Annie challenged me to work with her to win the SHINE incentive cruise in 2013. It was a great way for her to teach me about the business and keep me motivated. On that first trip we enjoyed together, I also got to know leaders and medical professionals from all over Canada and the United States. Hearing stories from so many professional, educated, committed E. Excellers gave me even more confidence to share the incredible products and even more incredible E. EXCEL business opportunity.

I committed to win the next incentive trip on my own and succeeded. After that I decided to do for someone in my new Downline what Annie had done for me. I invited an up-and-coming builder in my Downline to work with me to earn the In It to Win It Las Vegas Incentive trip. If together we could win the Grand Prize, she could attend as my guest.

My Richer Life
I love to travel. That is one of the things I enjoy most about E. EXCEL. In my hospital job there is little opportunity for that kind of recognition, flexibility or time away. Traveling with E. EXCEL also gives us the chance to return and talk with our friends and E. EXCEL family about the fun we had and what we learned. The contests and incentive trips are a great way to build this business.

Annie and I are both infection control practitioners, so Nutritional immunology is a subject both of us understand and can talk freely about with friends, family, and even strangers. People trust us because we’re not only trained professionals, but also business builders. We have a lot of remarkable personal experiences and stories of how the products are helping people. We also trust the evidence-based science that Dr. Chen has gathered in support of our products. We also understand the vital safety issues associated with wholefood products.

My skepticism has melted away as I have experienced first-hand the richer, fuller life E. EXCEL has brought me. This new and useful knowledge of Nutritional Immunology, recognition of my hard work, and a wonderful community of new friends has been so rewarding. We get to work where we are strongest, helping with education in both Nutritional Immunology and business building strategies, all while touching lives in a meaningful way.

E. EXCEL is helping me fulfill my purpose in life to help others. I help them achieve their health goals, but also to feel more confident, hopeful, and secure by working with them to build profitable home-based E. EXCEL businesses. Now that is what I call a complete, full, rich life.

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