“Losing my ‘Secure’ Job was One of the Greatest Blessings of My Life”

Jade Ambassador Ning Peng - 中文

Ning Peng joined E. EXCEL in 1998 for her health, but the uncertainties of life made her realize E. EXCEL was an incredible business opportunity.

Both Ning and her husband, Mou Zhang, had good paying jobs as IT professionals. They had a new baby, their second son Aaron, and had just purchased their first home in Canada. It was an exciting time—until Ning lost her job. She was in shock.

Their worry and stress doubled when Mou also lost his job. “With a mortgage and a 4-month-old, I wanted to make sure something like this could never happen to us again,” Ning states.

While Mou looked for work, Ning looked for opportunities where she could be her own boss, be with her young son, and still help support the family. She came up with four ideas.

1 Real estate, which would require her to earn a real estate license
2 Start an import/export business with friends
3 Buy a house near a college for rental income
4 E. EXCEL, because she knew the products worked

She spent $380 on her first real estate lesson, got a bank loan to purchase a rental house, and began looking into the import/export business.

Everything came into sharp focus, however, when her E. EXCEL commission check arrived in January of 2004. “It was only $400, but that was BIG for me at that time,” Ning exclaims. “It meant cash flow. It was almost as much as I got from renting out the house each month!” Ning had just read The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry by Paul Zane Pilzer and became excited about the incredible opportunity E. EXCEL offered to cash in on the wellness trend.

“E. EXCEL is a risk-free business,” Ning explains. “I wanted more family time, and less financial risk. With E. EXCEL, I could build a pipeline that would bring in funds even when I wasn’t working.” Mou found another IT job and helped with housework and childcare evenings and weekends while she shared E. EXCEL.


Her income grew from $400 to $800, then $1,000 to $3,000, then $5,000 to a lot more. It wasn’t uncommon to get a 50% increase from one year to the next. In IT she might get a 3% raise each year—but sometimes nothing. “I love the compensation plan at E. EXCEL. It encourages people to share. My favorite part is the Leadership Bonus. It encourages us to do the work it takes to be paid. It’s fair for people at all levels of the business.”

“My life has changed so much since I was laid off,” Ning muses. “In IT I was always on call and stressed. Now I don’t worry about a job and my income is so much greater! Plus, my time is flexible. We travel the world once or twice a year with E. EXCEL, and we just moved into our 6,300 square-foot dream home—a dream home that tells our E. EXCEL team they can achieve their dreams also.”

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