The Right Choice for Me!

– Jade Master, Su Chin Lew -中文

Jade Master Su Chin Lew is a new mother! Her daughter, Sandra, was born only a few months ago, but already Su’s life is changing in many ways. Looking back over where she was and where she is now, Su unequivocally states, “What I have now is because of the choice I made seven years ago.” Seven years ago, she joined E. EXCEL as a member of the SS Network in New York, and that has made all the difference in her life.

At that time, Su looked around and saw the risks of living the basic 9-to-5 existence of most people, dependent on a job and a paycheck that could be lost at anytime, at the mercy of decisions made by others. She wanted something with more security than that, and she found it in E. EXCEL. “I didn’t want to waste 40 years working alone, especially with the unpredictability of life. E. EXCEL gave me a way to leverage my time and effort to build a network of like-minded people that generates passive income.”

“E. EXCEL brought me the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology and the ability to care for myself. I believe Nutritional Immunology is a way of life. Our products are not medicines taken after you get sick, but healthy foods taken every day to keep ourselves alive and well always!” she says with conviction. “With E. EXCEL, I was investing in my own health, and giving myself a stable job for life. I could build a long lasting business without wasting time, effort or money because everything I did supported my business.”

Just like any other business there was a lot to learn about E. EXCEL in the beginning, but with the training opportunities provided by E. EXCEL and the SS Network that was doable. “I went to every training, took every opportunity to learn from successful leaders. I made mistakes and learned to overcome them. It’s not easy to do anything when you are new at it, but stick to it and you will learn and grow. Just remember, when you own the business and still make mistakes, no one can fire you! Ultimately you will succeed if you stick with it. It’s been the best investment of my time I could ever have made.”

Su received help along the way from SS Network leaders, Choong Ng and Amy Choong, who were a tremendous inspiration for her. She thanks them and all the other leaders and members of SS Network who have worked on challenges and shared successes together. “We are united in one thing,” Su shares, “A crazy passion for Dr. Chen and E. EXCEL!” From distant corners of the world, they found each other and came together for the good of all.

Eventually, Su became a full-time E. Exceller and rose through the ranks to Jade Master, and then she and her husband, Skye, became proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. “Skye kept asking me if I took my products all through the pregnancy, making sure I was getting the nutrition both the baby and I needed.” Su confides, “Of course, I was!” She credits the products for both her health and the baby’s—truly an E. EXCEL baby!

“Thanks to my E. EXCEL business, I have the flexibility to stay home with my baby, and work as much or as little as I need to, and still contribute to support the family,” says Su. “A lot of mothers have to make a choice: put their children in daycare and continue to help support the family, or stay home with their children and place all the burden on their husband’s shoulders. With E. EXCEL, my business continues to help support the family while I stay home with Baby Sandra and enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

“Plus, I am beginning to understand what people mean by an inherited business. I have every confidence that Baby Sandra will have everything she needs for her education and her future because of E. EXCEL. This business really is a fantastic one for families who want time with their children and a wonderful future for them!”

“I am so thankful for E. EXCEL, the only company based on knowledge, health and happiness. It attracts such caring, wonderful people, who work both for the company and as Distributors. I made the right choice when I joined!” Su’s ultimate goal is to become an E. EXCEL Ambassador, not because of the prestigious rank but because of what it represents—a fulfilled life with good health, family time, financial stability and world travel with E. EXCEL!

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