The True Rewards of E. EXCEL!

– Jade Masters, Rosa Zhou and Kevin Wong - 中文

“E. EXCEL has given me a lot!” says Jade Master, Rosa Zhou. “I’m just a housewife. I have no experience, no education. I’m an ordinary woman. But, E. EXCEL has given me power, motivation and respect! It gave me confidence in myself I never had before! I never before drove on the freeway—I was too scared! But I drove three hours by myself from Lethbridge, AB to Vancouver and Nelson, BC recently to attend training sessions. I was so proud of myself!” Her very supportive husband, Kevin Wong, even stayed home with the couple’s two children while she was on the road so she could pursue their E. EXCEL career!

“I also went to the Caribbean on my own for the Believe Incentive Trip with E. EXCEL. I never would have done that before, but with the confidence and power that E. EXCEL has given me, I feel like I can do anything! With E. EXCEL, I am constantly learning, improving and growing. I have the respect of my Uplines and my Downlines. No other business gives you this kind of reward!”

“One of the reasons I chose E. EXCEL was because of Kevin’s mother,” Rosa explains. “She was very sick, with no energy and no appetite. Her health was deteriorating rapidly. At the same time, I had no energy to help her because I was busy tending two sick little boys.

“I was looking for a nutritional supplement to help my mother-in-law when I found E. EXCEL. I liked the idea that it was just food, and maybe, as a liquid, her stomach would accept it. Both of us started taking the products, and before long our energy and vitality was back again. Kevin’s mother was even able to travel back to China each year for a visit with relatives.

“Thanks to E. EXCEL, she enjoyed a good quality of life in her last years. E. EXCEL helped her have a longer, happier, better life while she was taking the products.”

E. EXCEL helped Rosa and Kevin’s children also. Both boys are now healthy, active children. Rosa even says that when visitors come over, they offer products to them saying, “Here, try this. You’ll like it. It’s good!”  

“We’re giving away a lot of free product,” says Rosa, “thanks to their generosity!”

After achieving the rank of Jade Master recently, Rosa and Kevin now have a new goal. They want to work on developing new leaders in their organization, and in creating more opportunities in nearby Calgary. They expect the Calgary market to be bigger than their hometown of Lethbridge. Right now Kevin’s participation in E. EXCEL consists of taking time off from work to be with the kids while Rosa travels to meetings, but he is 100% behind her all the way! They both plan to go places with E. EXCEL.

“I was always shy, a wall-flower, standing by and watching, but now, thanks to E. EXCEL, I am outgoing and unafraid to speak to people, even in front of an audience! I have new friendships, new confidence and the drive to be successful. My family has health and a family business. These are the true rewards of E. EXCEL!”

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