Making My Dream a Reality

Jade Ambassadors Dr. Xiuguo Zhang and Dr. Zhou Ming Lum - 中文

“Every one of you can be anything you want to be. Believe in yourself, and be willing to work hard, take chances, and possibly fail. Only you have the power to make you great.”

When Dr. Xiuguo Zhang first learned about E. EXCEL in 1998, he was not sure how someone with his background could make a business with E. EXCEL. “My background is in science, not business. My experience and education is in research, not how to build businesses. I thought, how could someone with no business background build a successful E. Excel business?”

As a boy, Xiuguo dreamed about what he wanted his life to be, what he wanted to achieve for himself and his family. His dream got him through life’s tough times. Unfortunately, after receiving his doctorate and landing a great job, reality set in. “I realized that even though I was a cancer researcher, it was merely a job! With this job all of my future opportunities, my financial position, absolutely everything I did was, to some extent, limited and controlled by someone else. My dream and the quality of my life and my family’s lives were in the hands of my supervisor!”  

“I observed the lifestyle that top E. Excellers enjoyed. They spent quality time with their families, enjoying a healthy lifestyle. They were living my dream!” 

Xiuguo realized then what they were talking about when they said, ‘E. Excellers succeed when we help others!’ “I realized that my dream of a better life for me and my family was achievable through my partnership with E. EXCEL. By the mere act of sharing, I could build a successful business that could help me realize my dreams. I decided to make E. EXCEL my career. Helping others by sharing E. EXCEL is a noble cause and it has brought me the time and financial means to enjoy my life and spend time with my family—making my dream a reality!” 

Brodie Duncan