Helping Others Achieve Goals Brings Your Own Goals Closer

Diamond Master Jian Hua Niu and Dr. Liang Yu Huang - 中文

Update:  E. EXCEL is pleased to recognize Jian Hua Niu as our newest Jade Ambassador!

Congratulations on reaching your goal!

Jian Hua Niu’s commitment to E. EXCEL stems from her personal belief that service and friendship are vastly more important than acquiring wealth. “Help people through Nutritional Immunology first,” says Jian Hua. “Then invite them to meetings. Of course for those who are the entrepreneurial type, you can be proud to share such a unique career opportunity from the very start.”

 “As challenging as leadership responsibilities may be, the rewards are always worth the efforts,” says Jian Hua. “When your Downline trusts and respects you and your team, they eagerly take on responsibilities and work on becoming leaders themselves.” Jian Hua knows that her success comes by helping others achieve the same. She strongly believes in her group and their efforts, and recognizes that their success represents her own success.

As she helps her leaders achieve their goals, she draws closer to reaching her own goal—Ambassador! Jian Hua strongly believes that the greatest power is not money, but friendships. “One must consider friendship and trust as the greatest of gifts. A successful person is not successful because of the wealth he or she possesses, but because of the friends he or she makes in the process.”

 “A fulfilled, personal life is part of what makes E. EXCEL a choice business career,” says Jian Hua. “When your whole world is in balance, everything in your life has room to thrive. My spare time is filled with reading, exercise, and volunteering.” She has always been an active volunteer and leader, regularly participating in large organizational events, and has even received awards from the government for her volunteering efforts.

  To Jian Hua winning refers to her success and that of everyone around her. “Winning is just a part of the reward. The other part is being able to share the success E. EXCEL offers, and share in the success of others around you. That is what E. EXCEL is all about – success.”