I Keep the Positive Energy Flowing to Keep My E.EXCEL Business Growing

Jade Masters May Chen & Guang Yu -中文

During her four-and-a-half years as an E. Exceller Jade Master May Chen has come to recognize that patience, solid training, and most importantly, a positive attitude are all vital for the success and growth of her E. EXCEL business. 

“Some new E. Excellers are so eager to sponsor new COEs, they forget to thoroughly explain the necessity of using the products for several months and giving them enough time to rebuild the immune system. We need to be sure our clients understand that E. EXCEL products are not medicines but foods. After years of eating unhealthy foods your immune system needs time and healthy nutrition to become strong enough to overcome problems. Nutritional Immunology is about feeding our immune systems.”

May continues, “Just as our clients need to be patient while E. EXCEL products strengthen their immune systems, we need to be patient with ourselves and each other. It’s so important to take the time for proper training and to reinforce our passion for E. EXCEL, especially when we feel anxious about the pace at which our businesses are growing. Positive energy is an absolute must!”

It’s sometimes challenging to maintain high positive energy, so May recharges by brushing up on Nutritional Immunology, listening to motivational speakers, and reading inspirational material. She loves quoting her favorite motivational speaker, Anzhi (Steve) Chen. “We use his words and ideas for inspiration in meetings to gain confidence and remind us of our love and passion for E. EXCEL.” Her favorite affirmation, “I am the best. I am excellence. To be successful, I have to get crazy, throw caution to the wind and just go for it!” reminds her and her team that to be successful they must be confident and take risks.

May also finds inspiration in other E. Excellers. “Listening to Jade Ambassador Ning Peng speak always recharges my batteries,” May reveals. “I want to be like her, always so positive and motivating! That’s important for my Downlines and is why I try to keep my energy up and my thoughts positive. I average five to six hours a day building my E. EXCEL business and I need to be positive for new clients and team members I contact during that time. They deserve my best.” 

May has also come to recognize the value of thorough training, not only for education, but for creating a positive atmosphere for her group. “We meet often and cover many different subjects from motivation to the E. EXCEL Compensation Plan. When I can delegate training responsibilities, my team members grow in confidence and they are inspired to lead. And more leaders equals growth for the whole group.”

New E. Excellers on May’s team usually get involved in the business because friends and family notice changes in their health. Soon they find themselves earning a few hundred dollars a month and getting their products without spending out-of-pocket cash. With proper training and encouragement, their businesses grow from there to average $2,000 each month. That’s when most newcomers start to see the potential for exponential growth. 

That growth was evident when May saw more of her Downlines become VIPs for this year’s Heart of Europe incentive trip than any other group—23 in all!  May’s positive, encouraging leadership is getting results. She tells us, “I love sharing stories about the incentive trips I’ve attended. I show pictures and get the team excited about signing up as VIPs. As they win these fantastic vacations, they begin to realize their richer life.” One member of May’s team grew from earning a few thousand dollars in one year to about ten times that the next year! “It’s exciting to see a home-based business expand so quickly from year to year. It really helps keep that positive energy flowing and inspires others in the group when they see someone close to them achieve that kind of success.”

E. EXCEL had another unexpected benefit for May, a nurse, and her husband Dr. Guang Yu. When they first immigrated to Canada, they both missed the respect and joy that came from serving others as medical professionals in China. Being involved in E. EXCEL helped restore that respect and confidence, and today their E. EXCEL business compliments May’s work as a registered massage therapist and acupuncturist, as well as Guang’s work as a radiologist. 

The handsome pair, along with their daughter Melody, often attend company events together and are shining examples of a family living the healthy, rich E. EXCEL lifestyle. May beams, “Having a positive attitude is not only one of the cornerstones of Nutritional Immunology, it is the cornerstone of success for my vibrant, thriving E. EXCEL business – the foundation of my richer life!”