Success, You just have to want it.

Jade Masters, Choong Ng & Amy Choong -中文

Growing up poor had a profound impact and really shaped how I viewed myself in my earlier years. I felt inferior and became very introverted with no self-esteem. My communication skills were terribly lacking and I avoided talking to anyone because I had no confidence in my abilities. 

When I first considered joining E. EXCEL, people who knew me thought I didn’t have what it took to be successful in this type of business. I believed them and thought of it as a fantasy that I could never have. Like many people I was skeptical about direct sales and thought it was only for people who were good at talking to others. That definitely wasn’t me. I never dreamed that today I would be an E. EXCEL business owner—and love it!

Despite my challenges growing up, I had success owning and running a restaurant. I was making good money when I considered selling the restaurant to start my E. EXCEL business. Many people thought I was crazy to give it up. Because of my poor background, limited relationships with people, and poor communication skills, I didn’t feel I was very well qualified for E. EXCEL. But I did know that I didn’t want to work hard for 40 long years at the restaurant simply to make a living. I wanted something more meaningful.

My beloved wife Amy helped me begin to realize what was possible with E. EXCEL. She truly believes E. EXCEL can help people achieve health and wealth and realize their dreams of traveling the world. Her love for Dr. Jau-Fei Chen was infectious and today we both enthusiastically support our E. EXCEL business together.

Joining E. EXCEL made the once impossible very possible. My Upline brought Amy and I to SS Network and the way I changed into another person seemed almost magical. Because of SS Network, my life transformed from dull and boring to very bright, exciting, and interesting! My newfound team offered wonderful education, effective, powerful training methods, and steps that put me on the path to success. All of them—Casey, Kelvyn, Sebastian, Chong—they taught me these outstanding business practices and changed the path of my life.

Even with their help, starting my E. EXCEL business wasn’t always easy. The biggest obstacle to my success with E. EXCEL was my inability to talk to people. I am not naturally articulate or well-spoken. I don’t have that talent, but SS Network offered such a simple training program that I could learn and duplicate what they taught very easily. Over time it seemed more and more possible I could actually do this, after all, practice makes perfect! I finally understood that you don’t need the gift of gab to have a successful E. EXCEL business. You just need to share sincerely from your heart.

Once I learned that lesson I was able to overcome my fears. I became more generous, open, and committed to the organization and people began to like and trust me. I put my heart and soul into it and learned to accept people, care for them, and welcome them. I learned how to smile, shake hands, and greet people—things that had been almost impossible for me before. I quickly discovered that the more I gave, the more I received!

One of the most important things I learned along the way is that this is a multiplication business. With a simple education system and the right circumstances, I could repeatedly teach others to duplicate what I did. This uncomplicated, straightforward concept has allowed me to build a strong, thriving organization. 

E. EXCEL totally transformed my life. I am now committed to my E. EXCEL business full-time and today I own my car and home and my income is multiplying. But that’s not all. I also have the opportunity to travel the world on unforgettable incentive trips for free! E. EXCEL has been the catalyst for me to achieve my life’s goals in a very short time.

I’m grateful to E. EXCEL for helping me break away from my shyness and low self esteem and live the life I’ve always dreamed. E. EXCEL has so much to offer, but the most touching and the most achievable thing is seeing so many friends around me find their health. I am surrounded by a group of ambitious, purposeful people who, like me, are achieving their dreams. They are my friends and family, and they are growing while gaining abundant rewards. 

So many people ask me, ‘Is running your E. EXCEL business hard?’ I tell them it doesn’t matter if it is hard or easy. Instead, they should ask whether this life, my life, is something they want. Success is not can I or can’t I. It’s do I want it or not. Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. I wanted it, I got it, and now the rewards are multiplying as I share what I learned with others. 

Brodie Duncan