Unleash the Power of Duplication & Teamwork to Achieve Your Dreams

Pearl Master Kun “Lucy” Zhao -中文

With her infectious, upbeat demeanor, Pearl Master Kun “Lucy” Zhao is a delight who radiates joy when she talks about E. EXCEL! Her dedication is paying off and her E. EXCEL business is growing, making life richer and more rewarding. Today she recognizes the key to that success is the limitless potential of E. EXCEL’s unparalleled business opportunity.

E. EXCEL products are extremely effective and they get results, and that is a solid foundation for any business. When I was first introduced to E. EXCEL I did my research and then tried the Daily Nutrition Pack and EverNew, and was very encouraged when my digestive health improved. I’m not a salesman, but simply by sharing what I had found with others my business took off. Soon I was inviting friends to meetings and sponsoring new Distributors. 

But I didn’t fully realize the potential of that business until I went to Las Vegas for the E. EXCEL incentive trip last year. There I heard the inspiring words of E. EXCEL Philippines Diamond Ambassador Jeruel Zalameda. His powerful message sparked my determination to take my business to new heights. If such success was possible in a country where few people have the resources to buy nutritional products, then I could surely get a taste of it for myself in North America.

Shortly after that inspirational trip to Vegas, I attended a training session at the E. EXCEL Distributor Center in Toronto. There, another wildly successful E. Exceller, Jade Ambassador Ning Peng, shared her stories of struggle, hard work, and perseverance. Like so many of us she had no sales experience, but despite that fact she not only achieved big dreams, she found great joy along her E. EXCEL journey. My belief and confidence in the promise of a richer life with E. EXCEL was cemented! 

That was the moment I realized the key to success with E. EXCEL. Ning and Jeruel’s motivating stories had one thing in common. Both leaders leveraged the incredible power of duplication and teamwork to build their businesses. Unlike my traditional banking job, duplication allows me to take control of my future and how big my business grows because I own it. In his Vegas lecture Jeruel quoted the famed industrialist and businessman John Paul Getty who said, “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men working for me, rather than 100% of my own efforts.” These words really said it all. 

This is the power of network marketing that the E. EXCEL business harnesses. Duplication is what creates compounding, exponential growth, principles I understand well due to my
banking background. The basics of sharing Nutritional Immunology, product information, and thorough training—is repeatedly passed on to others. As more Distributors in your organization duplicate that process, your business grows exponentially. Your efforts up front will continue to reap rewards long after the hardest work is done. 

I’m seeing this first-hand as my Downline has extended beyond Toronto. I didn’t have to travel to New York to recruit anyone there, I simply found Claire Li, a powerful local builder, who found Sharon Li, a business-savvy family member there. That New York line is very business-minded and has really grown with the help of some good leaders. When I saw how my commission check could grow, I realized success like Ning and Jeruel had described was within reach and could happen faster than I first thought. The power of the E. EXCEL Compensation Plan is that it will continue to reward me as others grow, and bonuses like the Leadership Bonus are opportunities to earn even more. 

I’m spending more time mastering business building and duplication skills, and work with my group setting goals and attending trainings. I make every attempt to attend meetings and urge those in my group to do the same. It’s such a high priority we even share audio recordings of the meetings so those who cannot attend don’t miss anything. 

Incentive trips and events like the annual conference are also hugely valuable. When we attend these activities together it creates more passion. These powerful, emotional experiences are even more meaningful when shared. They strengthen our resolve as a group. 

These feelings of fellowship and camaraderie are something I never had the chance to experience at my banking job. Now my work with E. EXCEL rewards me with rich opportunities
like stimulating friendships, fun social activities, and the satisfaction that comes from helping others. 

I can imagine myself still active in E. EXCEL and loving it well into old age. E. EXCEL is really a business for life! In other jobs, technology might pass you by if you don’t keep up. With E. EXCEL, over time you only get better as you acquire knowledge and experience. That means working less while earning more than many traditional jobs can offer! The flexible schedule that comes with owning your own business also leads to more financial freedom and more time to spend with family and friends. That’s what I call a richer life and I’m proof that anyone can achieve it with E. EXCEL if they just believe!

I wish I would have realized the true potential of the E. EXCEL business opportunity sooner, but I am only looking forward. I hope more people will discover that potential as well and join me to work together toward amazing success. There is no limit to the people I can meet and the financial and personal rewards I can enjoy. My life is more complete. My future is limitless!

Brodie Duncan