Exceed Expectations; Surpass Your Dreams

Pearl Master Tracy Lin -中文

Meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals, ticking items off a do list – all reasons for stress in our daily lives. Looming deadlines are sometimes overwhelming, but setting manageable goals is a helpful strategy for many. Pearl Master Tracy Lin surprised even herself when she applied this strategy to her E. EXCEL business and her life.

The funny thing about goals is that they change as life moves forward. For twenty years Tracy worked for others saving money for retirement. As time passed she realized her family’s needs had changed and she would need to save a lot more. “I knew that if I wanted to change my bank account I would have to change the way I thought about earning and saving,” she begins. “I began looking for ways to earn more so I could save for my family’s future when I found E. EXCEL. I knew it was the perfect way to achieve my dreams.”

“When I started my E. EXCEL business I knew that eventually I wanted to achieve big dreams like having a five-figure monthly income, or buying my dream home. To get there I had to set smaller goals and take it one step at a time,” Tracy explains. If she stayed on track she’d be able to retire earlier, spend more time with her kids and have even more financial security. Her husband would be able to retire from his labor intensive job in the construction industry sooner too.

With those thoughts in mind Tracy set out to achieve three goals: to have more free time, to gain financial freedom, and to travel the world. “I started out simple,” she says. “When I first became an E. Exceller I thought of improving my family’s health and getting my business off to a strong start. I made my first goal, to become a Pearl Master within two years, and got to work.”

Starting out wasn’t easy but Tracy didn’t give up. “I had a lot of challenges to overcome in the beginning,” she recalls. “A lot of my customers thought that I was a doctor and that E. EXCEL products were medication. I had a lot of educating to do and was met with negative criticism from people I loved. People told me that I was just out to cheat my friends and family, but I explained the science of Nutritional Immunology to them and never once doubted E. EXCEL.”

Tracy overcame these obstacles with grace and in 2014 she had the opportunity to attend the Destination Taiwan trip. She found herself surrounded by successful E. Excellers from all over the world and this inspired her even more. “I saw so many successful people and knew they had gone through hard times too. I knew that if so many others had overcome obstacles I could as well.”

Her attitude and dedication rocketed her business forward. Though she had set out to achieve the rank of Pearl Master in two years, she accomplished this huge goal in less than one! “I’ve made my dream come true,” she says proudly. “Now it’s my turn to help others do the same as I continue to grow.”

She far exceeded her original goal, but Tracy isn’t done yet. “Even though I’m a Pearl Master I still feel I haven’t achieved enough,” Tracy tells us. “I still need to work hard and no matter what rank I am I’ll still work as if I’m a brand new E. Exceller. Even when I reach the rank of Ambassador I’ll always have more to learn and communicate well with my Uplines and

Tracy’s business is flourishing and she credits her success to the time she put into educating herself. “Going to meetings and learning is so important,” she stresses. “The difference between a good E. Exceller and an extraordinary one is that an extraordinary one always attends meetings unless they absolutely can’t. A good E. Exceller attends meetings only when they have to.”

“I highly encourage new E. Excellers to attend as many meetings as they can. They need to learn about the company, the products, and from their teams the best ways to grow their businesses. They urgently need to learn to communicate with their Uplines, Downlines, and customers, as well as the best ways to share Nutritional Immunology.”

Incentive trips are also a great way for new E. Excellers to grow their businesses and an easy goal to reach. “Signing up as a VIP for the Las Vegas trip was a great way for me to grow my business. I had a target in mind and it was a way to prove to myself that I was committed. I plan to make the same commitment for every incentive trip contest because it’s a win-win situation. I’m sharing Nutritional Immunology with others while my business grows, helping me get closer to my dreams of traveling and financial freedom.”

Now that she’s surpassed her original goal Tracy is enjoying a richer life. “I love E. EXCEL and I’m so proud to be living the E. EXCEL lifestyle,” Tracy comments proudly. “I have gained so much and met all my goals – to have free time, achieve financial freedom, and to travel the world. I was also welcomed into an amazing family. Every morning I wake up and check my WeChat and I’m greeted by E. Excellers beaming happiness. Every day I’m happy and it’s all thanks to E. EXCEL and Dr. Jau-Fei Chen for giving me the richer life I’ve always wanted!”

Brodie Duncan