Grasping the American Dream: How I Learned to Never Give Up

Jade Master Mei Qin Lin 中文

The allure of a better life is often what pulls immigrants from all over the world to the United States and Canada. Though both countries offer an amazing opportunity to flourish, few understand the amount of hard work it takes to succeed. 

This is a lesson that E. EXCEL Pearl Master Mei Qin Lin learned first hand. “Before I came to the United States I was so eager to get here and grasp my piece of the American Dream,” she recalls. “When I got here I found out it wasn’t as easy or fast to be successful as I had imagined.”  Although her husband had been in the US for many years and was running his own business, his life was not particularly easy. “He worked really hard and kept very long hours, leaving very early and coming home very late.”

Mei Qin wanted to help support her family and relieve pressure from her husband. “I always thought about running my own business,” she says. “I entered a very competitive industry when I opened my own clothing store. I had my own business, but I didn’t have a great income and was soon also working long hours.”

That’s why Mei Qin was so relieved when she met her Upline Lucy Lu. “Lucy introduced me to E. EXCEL and I not only gained better health, but also a richer life in an incredible business opportunity. Suddenly I realized my dreams weren’t so far off!”

Even though Mei Qin was excited to start her E. EXCEL journey, she knew there would be challenges. “In the beginning I didn’t know enough to be effective. I shared
E. EXCEL with my friends and family and constantly got rejected. I needed to slow down and study how to better understand people and how to help them.”

“Just having a steady income would have been enough to satisfy me then,” she remembers. But as she became more involved with her new E. EXCEL family she realized how big the opportunity before her was. “I saw my Upline’s income growing steadily every month and saw her traveling with E. EXCEL on free vacations and suddenly I was more motivated than ever!”

Mei Qin thought long and hard about dedicating so much time to her E. EXCEL business. She remembered that she had tried her hand at owning a clothing store only to be let down. It would have been easy for her to think the American dream simply couldn’t be hers, but a few challenges wouldn’t slow her down. “Sometimes you have to be challenged and experience hardship,” she explains. “Only then can you achieve success. Dr. Chen’s mission to share Nutritional Immunology and the gift of health is a noble dream, and if we experience hardship we can’t just give up.”

With this mindset Mei Qin set out to become the best E. Exceller she could be and soon she was rewarded. “In my first year with E. EXCEL I experienced so many unexpected successes. For the first time ever I was able to take my family out of the country on a vacation with E. EXCEL!”

Incentive trips encouraged Mei Qin to always keep moving forward to make that dream a reality for her family. The desire to achieve this goal had another benefit – her business grew exponentially. Striving to win multiple incentive trip contests has grown the COE members in her organization – all because she yearned to take her family on their dream vacation.

“This was our first taste of the good life,” Mei says of her first E. EXCEL vacation to Taiwan. “For the first time in my life I realized that financial freedom was possible for me. I also had the respect and admiration of those around me and that made me work
even harder.”

Mei Qin is enjoying her E. EXCEL journey and she encourages new E. Excellers to follow her example. “I want to continue to work hard to build myself and my business. I want to build up those around me and share better health and a richer life with them all.” Building up others is an essential part of beinga great E. Exceller. “It’s so important to encourage new E. EXCEL Distributors. We should treat them like family members. We absolutely need to take care of them, help them, and motivate them to be successful.”

Mei Qin knows that this type of support is what helped her grasp the American dream. “Before I joined E. EXCEL I wasn’t sure that I would achieve my dreams, but, because of my Uplines and mentors, and their support, encouragement and guidance – I am a success. I have to thank every one of them because I wouldn’t be here without their support. They worked so hard to help make my E. EXCEL business a success. They paved the way so that my journey to the top would be smooth!”

Brodie Duncan