Persevering Together Toward Our Dreams

Jade Ambassador Jian Hua Niu-中文

“When your whole world is in balance, everything in your life has room to thrive, especially your dreams!” 

Jian Hua Niu, E. EXCEL’s newest Jade Ambassador, should know because that is how she lives her life. She often volunteers her time and has received awards for her volunteering efforts. Her dreams have always included having the time to help, care for, and support others.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Along with the support of her husband Dr. Liang Yu Huang, E. EXCEL has given her an incredible opportunity to turn those dreams into actively working with other E. Excellers to help them achieve their dreams! Now, as a Jade Ambassador, she feels that opportunity even more. “I feel incredibly grateful and proud of my team and am very happy and lucky to work with such fantastic people. More so, I’m proud of the image it sends other teams because this Jade Ambassador status shows the strength of my team and leaders. Everyone knows it’s the team’s success that determines a leader’s success.”

As she is quick to point out, however, it wasn’t the title of Jade Ambassador that motivated her. She said, “I see it merely as a reflection of the hard work and tireless perseverance by myself and my team leaders. What motivated me were the struggles and perseverance of my own team. I wanted to show them that no matter where you are in your E. EXCEL career, there will always be a reward for your efforts. I wanted to show them that there is no end to helping others, and there is also no end to the rewards for helping others.”

The part that did surprise her, and touch her heart, was the response she received from E. Excellers everywhere when her ambassadorship was announced. “I was phenomenally blown away at how many people sent blessings from the company. From the visit by COO Gary Takagi and the team all the way from Utah, to the many cheers over the phone from the E. EXCEL team, to the individual heartfelt gifts – I really felt touched by everyone’s warmth and support. It truly felt like my success was embraced by everyone, and that’s what made this title so much more valuable to me.”

Inspiring Others

But, Jian Hua is not about to rest on her laurels at this point! “The road is nowhere near over upon achieving ambassador status,” she states emphatically. Her loving, caring, persevering spirit can’t help lift others up! She wants her dreams, struggles, and accomplishments to inspire, support, and nurture those in her team and other teams across North America. 

In fact, she says, “I will need to work even harder to make sure more of my team members are successful! We are all persevering together, and I hope to leave a more lasting presence when sharing my stories, knowledge, and accomplishments. As a Jade Ambassador, I can confidently say to others, ‘you can do this, too!’”

Jian Hua believes strongly that the greatest power is not money, but friendship. Therefore, when doing anything, one must consider friendship and trust the greatest of traits. She states, “A successful person is not successful because of the wealth he or she possesses, but because of the friends he or she makes in the process.” Jian Hua considers everyone in her group, and in E. EXCEL, to be her friends, and with that kind of an attitude, people are naturally drawn to her.

Succeeding Through Teamwork 

Her experience with E. EXCEL has taught Jian Hua that one can only become successful if one’s team becomes successful. As she explains to others, “There really cannot be any selfish thoughts. We must also treat E. EXCEL as a passion, because only through passion, can you touch the lives of others and inspire the passion in them. Most importantly, there must be a positive culture within a team. My team uses an ‘empty glass’ philosophy to learn. We always accept new information, new people, and new opportunities, and never take anything for granted. Our team is constantly striving to improve ourselves and thus constantly rise to new heights.”

With that kind of leadership, Jade Ambassador Jian Hua Niu will surely bring a greater balance into the world of E. EXCEL, and more dreams will be thriving across North America!

Brodie Duncan