Building Skills as a Professional E. EXCEL Business Owner

Pearl Master Wen Ting (Wendy) Song 中文

My life changed forever when I attended E. EXCEL’s Travel Incentive Trip to Las Vegas. When I saw how E. Excellers from all over North America were reaching financial freedom, I thought if they could do it, I could do it. I went to work to win the next exciting Heart of Europe Incentive Trip. It was fantastic!”

Wendy Song works as a marketing researcher and an educator for the school board and loves both jobs. She embraced E. EXCEL’s opportunity to use her experience and talents to build a part-time business. “I love that I can work full-time to provide for my family, and work part-time with E. EXCEL to build my fortune. I’m already seeing it grow exponentially with motivated business builders on my team who want to win the incentive contest like I did last year.”

7 Necessary Skills for E. Excellers

1. Prospecting and adding constantly to your contact list 

2. Inviting effectively

3. Presenting a compelling story 

4. Following up as many times as necessary

5. Closing successfully

6. Starting your new E. Excellers with an action plan

7. Building commitment through events 

Wendy’s Upline leader Jade Ambassador Daisy Kang saw tremendous potential in Wendy. She also saw it as a great opportunity for Wendy to travel to Las Vegas and experience the thrill of an E. EXCEL vacation. Daisy’s team had the most winners on the Europe trip because she believes winning trips consistently every year is a fantastic way to build a business. After winning the Europe trip, Wendy is working extra hard to make sure that she and her team go to Mexico this year. 

An injury brought Wendy to E. EXCEL. She took the products and saw dramatic improvement. Immediately she began sharing them with her friends and family. What’s even more exciting, because of Wendy’s professionalism and excitement, she started attracting business builders to her group.

“I owe a lot to the training I have received in business-building skills. I needed to become skillful at prospecting, being outgoing and giving, and adding constantly to my contact list. I learned a professional, simple way to invite people to look at E. EXCEL. Before, many people I invited didn’t show up. Now I’m getting serious prospects who follow through, attend meetings, and go to work.

“I honed simple presentation skills for sharing the E. EXCEL opportunity, not just Nutritional Immunology and products. I learned to share my story and get people excited about the richer life E. EXCEL offers. Now I understand how important follow up is. The best people require many calls to build trust before they decide to get involved. This business is about relationships, and follow-up calls and contacts build relationships. 

Closing Questions that Work

• How much money do you need to make?

• How much time are you willing to invest?

• Are you willing to work?

• If I can show you how you can make money, will you commit?

“Learning how to close has helped me get more people making decisions to join as COEs on my team, and getting new people started with an action plan helps launch my new business builders and get them sponsoring right away. They become confident E. Excellers much faster than I did, and they know how to duplicate effort to build and grow.

“My confidence has grown tremendously from taking the time to take action and develop these skills. Sharing E. EXCEL without preparation is discouraging and limits success. Preparing my people skills saved me a lot of time and helped me train my team quickly. 

“Building an E. EXCEL business is spelled W-O-R-K. Like anything else, it takes sacrifice. I schedule my time, make the calls, check my social media, prepare trainings, and hold meetings with my new business builders. But, it’s enthusiastic and satisfying work because I’m helping my team grow. I’m helping people become healthy and achieve their richer life.” 

In the first three months of the ALL IN contest, Wendy earned enough points to win First Prize, but she didn’t stop there. As a Grand Prize winner, she’s bringing her whole family to Mexico this summer! She also worked hard to help her team members win! “We are a team of winners,” shouts Wendy. “Winning contests and traveling together is not optional for us. It’s the lifeblood of our business and our ticket to tremendous success with E. EXCEL.”

Brodie Duncan