Live the Role of Leader—and Others Will Follow

Jade Master Emily Hsu


Now, I’m living a richer life. I have learned so much about how E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology can change people’s lives. I’ve seen it change mine!

With a growing, vibrant group behind her, Jade Master Emily Hsu is every bit the vision of an up-and-coming young business woman. From the moment she joined E. EXCEL, she began attending meetings, learning skills, and working toward becoming an accomplished leader. And, as her recent advancement to Jade Master will attest, her leaderships skills are well honed.

As a member of SS Network in New York, Emily received excellent training from Jade Masters Amy Choong and Choong Ng and learned to dress, act, and talk like a leader. Today, that training continues to benefit her as she mentors those in her own organization. 

Emily began her E. EXCEL career with one clear goal in mind. She wanted to make her family proud of her. That was her goal when she originally came to the United States from Taiwan many years ago. Her family faced financial difficulties in Taiwan, requiring all to pull together to make ends meet. Emily came to the US to try to earn more money. She needed to be successful for her family’s sake. It was a hard struggle, until she found E. EXCEL and understood what it could do for her. Once she realized that E. EXCEL could make her dream come true, she began to work. In 2015, for the first time in years, Emily was able to travel back to Taiwan to see her family again. She returned home as a successful, accomplished, business owner. 

With her own group, Emily stresses several things:

Meeting and Training Sessions

Attend as often as possible; participate as much as possible. You can never know too much, and you can always learn more.

Follow Your Leader

Your leader has a vested interest in helping to make you successful, but if you do not follow them and duplicate the path that led to their success, they don’t have the opportunity to help you.

Help Your Downlines Become Leaders

Building strong Downline leadership is one of the best ways possible to create the exciting, growing business you need to become successful. As those in your group succeed, so do you, so work as hard for them as you do for yourself.

Don’t Waste Time on Negativity

Negativity is a destructive force that can destroy a group from within. Concentrate on the positive and keep your group focused on those aspects that uplift and elevate rather than tear down and destroy.

Above all else—BELIEVE!

Believe in yourself. Believe in E. EXCEL. Believe in what you are doing. Believe that you can duplicate your Upline’s path to success, and believe that you can be successful—because you can, with hard work and a strong belief.

“Before E. EXCEL, I was just doing my job, day by day, and was losing sight of my dream. E. EXCEL was a wake-up call for me!” Emily said. “Now, I’m living a richer life. I have learned so much about how E. EXCEL and Nutritional Immunology can change people’s lives. I’ve seen it change mine! Ultimately, I want to bring E. EXCEL to my whole family for generations to come. I want them to be proud of me!”

Her family has every right to be proud of Emily! Today, she talks the talk and walks the walk of a confident, poised, E. EXCEL business leader who attracts like-minded individuals to her ever-growing team of E. Excellers.

Brodie Duncan