The Richer Life: One Choice Away

Pearl Master Xiu Mei Ren 中文

Life changes start with just one choice, and no one understands that better than E. EXCEL Pearl Master Xiu Mei Ren. Like many E. Excellers, Xiu Mei initially joined E. EXCEL because of the products. She attended a barbecue with a friend and more than 50 Distributors were there. “It was a rainy day,” Xiu Mei recalls, “but after meeting more than 50 E. Excellers, I felt warm and welcome; it was like I was part of the family.”

Xiu Mei’s mother was struggling with health problems at the time, and Xiu Mei thought E. EXCEL products might help. Sure enough, within two or three months of taking the products, Xiu Mei’s mom was enjoying much better health. “She had more energy, strength, and endurance,” Xiu Mei says. “I saw the changes she was experiencing and wondered if the products could help me as well.”

Healing and recovering

A year earlier, Xiu Mei had injured her arm in a car accident and, although she undergone two surgeries and numerous treatments, using her arm was still extremely painful. “I had a difficult time doing basic everyday things, like getting dressed and going to the bathroom,” she says. “My four-year-old daughter had to help me.”

Xiu Mei’s mother-in-law was also helping out, which made Xiu Mei self-conscious. “It was opposite of what it should be,” she explains. “Instead of me helping her, which I wanted to do, she was helping me.”

So Xiu Mei started taking several key E. EXCEL products. “I was giving my body all the nutrients it needed to heal and recover,” she explains. “I wanted to feel better as quickly as I could.”

Changing directions

And she did. Amazed, Xiu Mei spent time learning more about the products and the E. EXCEL opportunity, and she began to change her focus and direction. “I saw Dr. Chen when she came to New York and listened to her talk about the products, and that made me believe in the products even more strongly.

“At the same time, I joined the incentive trip contest and won,” she continues. “The next year I went on the Caribbean Shine cruise, and then I became a Pearl Master. I looked at the difference E. EXCEL had made in my life and asked myself, ‘If E. EXCEL has made such a difference in my life, why don’t I share it even more with those around me?’”

Living richer in so many ways

Helping others change their lives—through both the products and the business opportunity—has now become Xiu Mei’s focus. And as she’s focused on that, she’s enjoyed inspiring personal growth, exciting success, and continued health. “When I first started with E. EXCEL, I was shy and reserved,” she says. “I didn’t understand a lot about the products and the opportunity. My Upline has been so supportive and helpful. Every time I had a question, they had an answer.

“I gained confidence in my abilities to build my business and share my story,” she continues. “I also met so many new friends who have the same goals as I do. And now, when my Downline get discouraged or have questions, I help them the same way my Upline helped me.”

It all starts with one choice, says Xiu Mei. “I chose E. EXCEL,” she explains. “When I made that choice, my actions changed, and when my actions changed, I got the results I was looking for—greater health and a richer life.” 

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