My Choice, My Future: The E. EXCEL Business

Pearl Master Eva Yan Qin Yang 中文

“I believe that I can do better, that I can do great things, and that I have made the right choices for myself and my family,” states New York Pearl Master Eva Yang—but those choices were not always hers to make.

Growing up in Fuzhou, China, she studied, learned, and dreamed of going to college and earning a higher degree; however, according to tradition, her family arranged for her to go to the United States. Because her parents had spent a lot of money to send her, now she needed to make money, so she went to work in a restaurant, but it didn’t give her the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction she yearned for. 

A year later, she followed her parents’ wishes and married. Her parents believed that marrying a good man young and having kids was proper for a girl, and so Eva did. After another year, her first son was born. Today she has three children ages 14, 10, and 2. “As time passed, day by day and year by year, my dreams faded. I felt like I was missing out on so much in my life because I was not able to make my own choices,” Eva contemplated. “I wanted so much more for myself. I wanted to make one choice that would make my dreams come true!”

Unsatisfied with her life, Eva went to work to help support her family. She started selling clothing and decided to make a choice of her own, so she took some cosmetology classes with the aim of owning her own salon one day., But she discovered owning her own business wasn’t that easy. While working part time at a beauty shop, she met E. EXCEL Jade Master Emily Hsu, which started a cascade of events for her. Emily started talking to her about E. EXCEL, but Eva wasn’t interested. However, Emily knew Eva worked in skincare, and asked her for help. “I wondered why she wanted me to help her with skincare when she already had such beautiful skin,” said Eva, “but I arranged for a friend of mine, Lucy Lu, to help her.”

Lucy ultimately joined E. EXCEL, and after a month or two of taking the products, Lucy started talking to Eva about E. EXCEL, also. Because Lucy was a friend and she trusted her words, Eva eventually joined E. EXCEL. She started attending training meetings. The message of Nutritional Immunology resonated with her. She began giving the products to her second son, who had allergies and went to the doctor several times a month. Now he rarely sees a doctor and her other children have benefited from Nutritional Immunology as well. She explains, “When the kids struggled with school, I always thought the teacher was at fault, but now I understand that good nutrition can give them better health and better ability to concentrate and learn.”

Eva joined E. EXCEL four years ago because of friends, and went from accepting, to understanding, to evaluating this business opportunity. “For some time I pondered:  Should I open a beauty shop of my own or do E. EXCEL as a business? I always thought a traditional business was the only way, but a traditional business is riskier with more financial problems, long hours, and no family time. I decided I wanted an E. EXCEL business! I didn’t want an ordinary life!” 

“E. EXCEL woke up my dreams, and gave me the choices, accomplishments, recognition, and opportunities to learn and grow that I had been looking for all my life! The feeling is wonderful. I set goals to be a good example for my group and my children. Right now, my goals include helping my Downlines be successful and taking my family around the world with E. EXCEL,” a thrilled Eva exclaims. “I can do E. EXCEL full-time while taking care of my three kids. I schedule my time so my weekends are strictly for my children, but Monday through Friday I choose to work on my E. EXCEL business. I am living my richer life, being able to care for my children, my home, and myself while earning money through my E. EXCEL business, a business I chose for myself.”

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