So Much More Than Health

Jade Ambassador Daisy Kang 中文

Daisy Kang had a growing acupuncture business when she first started enjoying the benefits of E. EXCEL products, so the business opportunity wasn’t a priority at first.   

Sharing with others

Her feelings changed once she started sharing the products with others and realized that E. EXCEL offered so much more than health. In addition to the feeling better, Daisy realized she could grow and develop personally, travel the world, build new friendships, and enjoy additional financial security.

“I started by sharing with family members because I wanted them to feel as good as I did,” she explains. “I suffered from painful osteoarthritis and was feeling hopeless. I had visited two specialists, but all their efforts failed. Thanks to my constant use of E. EXCEL products, I felt so much better. I wanted others to have that too.”

Enjoying incentive trips and events

Daisy earned the incentive trip—E. EXCEL’s 20th anniversary trip to Malaysia—her first year as a Distributor. The trip changed her life, she says, and also reinforced the benefits that can be enjoyed through an E. EXCEL business. She has earned every incentive trip since that first one.

In addition Daisy regularly attends E. EXCEL conferences. “Every time I go to these gatherings, I feel re-energized,” she says. “Being recognized and receiving training and education is important. I like to bring friends to these meetings too. It’s a great way for them to learn more about E. EXCEL and have the chance to join me and my group so they can enjoy the same success.”

Meeting with others

Meeting regularly with fellow E. Excellers is one of the things Daisy enjoys most about her E. EXCEL business. “I like gathering together and sharing the benefits we’ve all discovered through E. EXCEL,” she says. “When I was first starting out, I learned so much from others; they inspired me to improve and succeed.”

Daisy gained confidence in sharing E. EXCEL, especially as she told others about her own story. “Our wholefood products are powerful and safe,” she points out. “The science behind them is strong, and Dr. Chen is amazing. I knew E. EXCEL could change other people’s lives the way it had mine.”

Building the business

Daisy patterns her business after her Upline who, she says, set a great example. She holds weekly group meetings and provides valuable business training for those in her organization. “I work to help those in my group solve their problems and encourage them to share E. EXCEL with as many people as they can,” explains Daisy, who says that income after retirement is one of the most appealing pieces of the E. EXCEL opportunity.

Another tip Daisy has for those who want to strengthen their business is to be both patient and persistent. “When I share E. EXCEL with others, sometimes they are interested and sometimes they aren’t,” she says. “If they’re interested, I share more and let them know that when they join E. EXCEL, they can make money as well as gain health.

“If people are hesitant, I don’t give up,” she continues. “I stay in touch, send messages, and just wait. I spend most of my time with those who are ready, but I’m also ready to move forward with others when the time is right.”

As one of E. EXCEL’s newest Ambassadors, Daisy still has her thriving acupuncture business, and now she has a thriving E. EXCEL business as well. The flexibility, freedom, and support E. EXCEL offers allows her to be successful at both!

Time management tips

As a businesswoman and an E. EXCEL Ambassador, Daisy shoulders many responsibilities. Managing her time is essential, and one of the tips she shares with others is how to prioritize what she has to do.

 “I’m running different businesses, so I’m busy,” she says. “I create a chart with four sections—urgent and important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, not urgent but important—and that’s how I decide what to do first.”

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