Unlimited Power—Created through the E. EXCEL Family

Jade Master Mei Qin Lin - 中文

Jade Master Mei Qin Lin, also from New York, calls the E. EXCEL family a “refuge from the storm,” explaining that “when the world is busy and chaotic, I can always lean on my
E. EXCEL sweet family.” 

Thanks to her fellow E. Excellers, Mei Qin Lin says she has experienced exciting personal development and stronger self-esteem—and she’s been able to achieve a dream she’s had for years! “Before E. EXCEL, I was a stay-at-home mom and ran a clothing store,” she explains. But the store cost thousands of dollars every month to run, and the financial demands
worried her. 

“When I was young, my father always told me to have my own business, and not to work for someone else,” she says. “I knew that if I wanted financial security, I needed to find that kind of an opportunity, but I hadn’t been able to find it.”

One day Jade Ambassador Lucy Lu came into her store. The two had much in common and soon became friends. That friendship led to Lucy telling Mei Qin about E. EXCEL and the amazing business opportunity it offered. Mei had found what she was looking for! 

When we help each other and work together, the power we create is unlimited!

“I had always been looking for a business where I could make money,” she observes, “but with E. EXCEL I found so much more—a healthy life for me and my family as well as a second E. EXCEL family!” 

Mei Qin shares the lyrics of a well-known Chinese song when she talks about the E. EXCEL family and what it means to her—the lyrics speak of the power that comes from being united.
“Being united is essential for us,” she says. “When we help each other and work together, the power we create is unlimited!”

Brodie Duncan