Unlimited Power—Created through the E. EXCEL Family

Jade Master Pei Pei Huang - 中文

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Jade Master Pei Pei Huang from New York also believes great power comes from working together and supporting each other. Pei Pei gathers with many of her E. EXCEL family members at least once a week. “We get together for meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,” she explains. 

And that doesn’t count the times they visit with each other at their homes or meet for lunch or dinner. “Getting together is so important,” she says. “We support each other and answer questions and share ideas—and sometimes we just talk.” 

Pei Pei recognizes the impact her relationships with E. EXCEL family members have had on her success. When she initially joined E. EXCEL, her husband and father were not very supportive; Pei Pei already owned a fast-food restaurant, and they thought she was busy enough. “I was discouraged,” she remembers, “and so I called my Upline Choong Ng and talked to him. He told me about times when he’d been discouraged and kept on going, and that motivated me to not give up.” 

I decided I wanted to become a Pearl Master.... In only three months I went from Gold to Jade.

Choong also came to her home and visited with her husband, explaining more about both the products and the business opportunity. Eventually her husband realized the incredible potential with Pei Pei’s new business, and he has become a strong supporter. 

Once Pei Pei felt that support and began to recognize how far she could go with E. EXCEL, she set some pretty lofty goals. “I decided I wanted to become a Pearl Master,” she observes. “I told my Upline that was my goal, and they helped me achieve it—in fact, I surpassed it! In only three months I went from Gold to Jade. I couldn’t have done that without the support of my E. EXCEL family.”

Brodie Duncan