Unlimited Power—Created Through the E. EXCEL Family

Diamond Master Susan Chan 中文

Highly motivated by helping others, Diamond Master Susan Chan from New York has dedicated much of her life to service. One way Susan helps others is by running several successful businesses and providing employment. In the past 25 years, she has owned factories, warehouses, and a cutting room, employing hundreds; currently, she owns a restaurant and two stores.  

But even more rewarding than that, says Susan, is E. EXCEL. She first met her E. EXCEL family when she started taking products less than two years ago. In just a matter of weeks, she’d lost 27 pounds, and she looked and felt better than she had in years. Her friends and family asked her what she was doing, and she realized E. EXCEL provided yet another opportunity for her to help others. 

I’m working on my retirement—but I’m doing this because I want people I care about to feel as good as I do!

“I want those people around me—my family and everybody—to be healthy,” she says. “That’s why I do this. Of course, the financial security is nice—I’m working on my retirement—but I’m doing this because I want people I care about to feel as good as I do!”

Susan is committed to being a positive part of the E. EXCEL family. She looks for opportunities to help those on her team, both Upline and Downline. And she is also always willing to reach out to others in the E. EXCEL family, even when they’re not in her direct organization. She’s planning on opening her own E. EXCEL office in the near future, where E. Excellers can gather on a regular basis to encourage, network with, and support each other. 

Susan’s desire to serve has paid off—in more ways than one. In addition to the rich, meaningful relationships she shares with her E. EXCEL family members, she has built an incredible E. EXCEL business in less than two years. “I love that with E. EXCEL I can enjoy strong family relationships and also financial benefits!”

Brodie Duncan