Amazing New Ambassadors

Jade Ambassadors, Lucy and Jerry Lu 中文

E. EXCEL recognized our newest Jade Ambassadors, Lucy and Jerry Lu, at a dinner reception in New York hosted by E. EXCEL Senior Vice President, Gary Takagi. Director of Marketing, Luis Tirado awarded the Jade statuette to Jerry and Lucy at this exciting reception in front of their fellow E. Excellers in the SS Network of New York!

SS Network even took out a full page, color announcement in a local newspaper to recognize this auspicious event in their midst. The enthusiasm for this couple’s achievement and for E. EXCEL was high; so much so, that SS Network threw a second celebration for them so that more people from their group could attend and wish them well, plus receive recognition for their own achievements. 

Lucy and Jerry currently hold the record for the most rapid rise to the title of Ambassador in the history of E. EXCEL! In just one year, they took their E. EXCEL business from Distributor to Jade Ambassador—an incredible feat! They and their fellow E. Excellers have every reason to want to celebrate their amazing success. While not the first Ambassadors in New York, Lucy and Jerry are the first Ambassadors from the SS Network and everyone is very excited for them!

Congratulations to our amazing new Jade Ambassadors, Lucy and Jerry Lu!

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