When E. EXCELLERS Unite, Everyone Wins!

Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng and Diamond Master Caixia (Anna) An - 中文

Excelling Magazine recently talked with Diamond Master Caixia (Anna) An and Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng from New York. These two are sidelines in the same organization, SS Network, and have developed a close friendship that is benefiting not only themselves but others as well. They’re also grateful for the help they have received from both their Uplines and Downlines. They agreed to sit down with us and share their secrets for working together effectively.

Excelling:  How did you two meet?

Anna:  I sometimes teach at the weekly NI training meetings with SS Network, and I met Cheng Wen when she started attending it.

Cheng Wen:  Yes. Anna is a great teacher! She’s such an easygoing person and has really helped me learn a lot. What I most admire about her is what a generous, giving person she is. Even though none of her Downline was at that first training meeting I attended, she was still doing her best to help others. That’s just the way she is. She taught me that giving without an expectation of reward brings even greater rewards in the future.

Excelling:  How are your lives and personalities alike?

Cheng Wen:  I think we’re quite similar! We’re both honest, direct people and we appreciate persistence and not giving up. We are both relatively simple, happy people and we each like to have goals to achieve.

Anna:  Probably, our only difference is our backgrounds. I’m a single mother who must work to support my family, while she has a husband with a good business.

Cheng Wen:  That’s true! I’ve always felt very lucky in life. My husband has his own accounting firm and takes very good care of us.

Anna:  But even though we come from different backgrounds, we both share the same interests and goals, particularly about E. EXCEL. 

Excelling:  How do you influence each other?

Cheng Wen: Anna sees the big picture and has a great positive attitude. She understands and has helped me learn that when any one of us in SS Network succeeds, we all succeed. She manages to convey that positive attitude to others around her all the time. She’s a big influence on me!

Anna:  Cheng Wen is friendly and fair, and doesn’t look at whether people are Uplines, Downlines or Sidelines. She just treats everyone as an equal and always does her best to have a positive effect on other people! Our attitudes about E. EXCEL and helping others really converge and influence both of us to keep trying our best.

Excelling:  What are the negative and positive aspects of being friends and sidelines?

Cheng Wen and Anna:  There are no negative aspects!

Cheng Wen:  I never really had the concept of sidelines, just friends. SS Network is just one big family with lots of people I consider my friends. We’re all in the same boat, so if we’re all doing our best and rowing as hard as we can, we’re all going to get where we want to go.

Anna:  When you have a positive attitude and you help and encourage others, treating them as friends first, everyone wins!

Excelling:  When did you discover you could work together as business partners?

Cheng Wen:  The first time we met! 

Anna:  We just clicked, and we’ve been working together ever since. This friendship has become very important to us, and we enjoy the additional opportunity of working together. We both want to be good examples for others to do the same.

Excelling: Has it been a struggle since you are Sidelines, not Up or Downlines?

Anna:  I sometimes wonder if our Uplines are afraid of us causing problems or misunderstandings, but nothing like that has happened.

Cheng Wen:  I never even thought of that! That kind of thing just wastes energy and doesn’t accomplish anything.

Excelling:  Is there anything you would like to tell others about working closely with sidelines?

Cheng Wen: Try to have a good relationship with everyone around you. When you speak heart to heart with others, there are no misunderstandings.

Anna:  E. Excellers shouldn’t try to divide each other in any way. Use your energy to bring people together and help others, then everyone wins.

Excelling:  What do you think is important between E. Excellers?

Anna:  Get rid of any negativity about others. Trust each other more and help each other more. We need to ALL be working toward one goal—sharing E. EXCEL. That brings us all more rewards.

Cheng Wen:  Be honest with each other, and don’t be selfish with your time and knowledge. Share with anyone who needs it. When we work together, we all win.

Excelling:  What would you like to see more of happening in E. EXCEL relationships?

Cheng Wen: I would like to see more people helping each other, loving each other, supporting each other. Put yourself in their shoes before you react. Maybe you get jealous of someone else’s accomplishments. Use that as motivation to do better yourself, not as a reason to bring them down. Realize that you need other people’s help, too. When you find negativity in other people, lead them away from it by helping them find something positive instead.

Anna:  Respect is necessary when working together. Communication is also important. You need to open your heart to other people. Be honest, open and positive—no gossiping! Negativity of any sort causes damage to relationships and the people involved in them. We need to develop good social relationships with each other so we can work together for everyone’s good. 

Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng

When Diamond Master Cheng Wen Zheng first came to New York in 2004 as a newlywed, she found the lifestyle stressful and devoid of opportunities to meet others. It was nothing like the relaxing atmosphere she enjoyed in China. However, her new husband’s accounting business was here and this was now her life. 

She also found herself afflicted by severe allergies in New York. Nothing seemed to help. A few years later, she had a daughter, and couldn’t seem to lose that baby weight. Again, nothing seemed to help. Then, in 2013, she learned about E. EXCEL and began taking the products faithfully, hoping to alleviate the allergies. Instead, she found herself losing weight! The allergies disappeared thereafter as well and she kept losing weight!

Although she and her husband didn’t think of E. EXCEL as a business at first, Cheng Wen found that when their clients came in they immediately noticed the difference in her and started asking how she did it! Sharing E. EXCEL was that easy. One thing led to another, and E. EXCEL recognized Cheng Wen as a Jade Master at a Recognition event in early 2014. In May, her husband promised that if she became a Diamond Master, he would take her to E. EXCEL’s 2014 Conference “Better Health, A Richer Life” in September and proudly stand with her when she was recognized. As you might expect, in June Cheng Wen became a Diamond Master and is holding him to that promise! 

Diamond Master Caixia (Anna) An

Anna An moved to Flushing, New York from Asia.Taking care of her family filled her days and life was good. However, life quickly changed when her husband had a stroke and was no longer able to work. As a homemaker, she worried about supporting her family. 

Life began to turn around when she heard about E. EXCEL. She recognized the opportunity and reached for it! Quickly earning her first incentive trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Anna enjoyed the amazing experience with other E. Excellers. After her husband passed away, she faced the daunting task of raising her teenage son and young twins alone. Her SS Network team members showered her with love and care and she was able to carry on and not only raise her children but provide a healthy, happy home for them. “SS Network and E. EXCEL supported me a lot. I feel so lucky to be part of this family!” Anna said.

Now a Diamond Master, Anna teaches a weekly Nutritional Immunology class, where all members of SS Network are welcome to come and learn about E. EXCEL Nutritional Immunology® and the incredible products. With a positive, can-do attitude, Anna welcomes everyone and encourages all those she meets. E. EXCEL truly is one big family for her. She’s incorporated her E. EXCEL business into Anna Health, Inc. and even got her son involved in E. EXCEL, too!

The support and care of her SS Network friends and teammates helped her to overcome the trials in her life. That and her own positive attitude have led her to the success and security she now has in her life—thanks to E. EXCEL!

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