The opportunities E. EXCEL provides our Distributors helps them achieve the most in all aspects of their lives. We provide the resources for Distributors to become successful business owners who work together in teams to achieve their goals. The E. EXCEL family is structured to support Distributors at every level by providing sales tools, customer service, and specialized training to teach valuable information about every product E. EXCEL creates.

Listen to what these E. EXCEL Distributors have to say about how E. EXCEL has changed their lives!


"The saying, 'satisfaction guaranteed' can best describe the opportunities offered by E. EXCEL! How? Dr. Chen has done her part in delivering high quality products that provide the convenience to keep our cells happy and healthy. My motivation is to share the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology and the products that are effective with as many people as I possibly can. The feeling of being able to help someone restore health without the negative side effects of some drugs is gratifying–a feeling one must experience. It is not something money can buy. The feeling of 'I made a difference!' remains with you for life."

- Pearl Master Helen Marinis

"E. EXCEL provides lots of opportunities for me to reach my goals! With E. EXCEL, I started to realize that everything is possible if I try hard. I entered the last incentive trip contest and went from thinking it was impossible to knowing that it was possible and I won! It gives me so much confidence to know I reached my goal through my own hard work and discovered my potential!"

- Pearl Master Michelle Pang

"E. EXCEL has offered me so many opportunities by improving my health. Improving my health gives my life more purpose and I feel so alive! I have begun to set challenging goals for myself that would not have been set if I hadn't been given these opportunities by E. EXCEL. I plan to travel the world and spread the word about E. EXCEL and the many opportunities the company provides. If I am successful I'll be able to experience the wonders of the world and help others!"

- Silver Master Fung Kuk Cheung

"The benefits of being an E. EXCEL COE member are fantastic! I especially love saving 10% on all the products I purchase. I also love having my own E. EXCEL website furnished by the company. This allows me to share Nutritional Immunology with friends and family who are interested in learning about the science and products of E. EXCEL. I also receive complimentary issues of Nutritional Immunology Today, so I always know what incredible research Dr. Chen is working on!"

- Gold Master Gabriel Fung

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